This is the reason why many people like Hoax news

The development of technology will certainly bring changes to everyone’s lives. For example, for me to read the News, everyone would first read it in the newspaper, but now they will read it in online media via their smartphone. However, this development makes everyone have to be careful because the news they can read is hoaxes or lies.


Many people believe in hoax news for several reasons. According to experts in psychology and neuroscience, everyone has a natural tendency to trust information that is easily digested. This is evidenced by the results of analysis of brain activity with an fMRI scan tool. From the scan, it is known that the brain releases the hormone dopamine every time you succeed in understanding certain facts or statements. Dopamine is responsible for making you feel positive, happy, and comfortable. While when receiving information that is too complicated, it is precisely the part of the brain that regulates pain and is more active sick. So without realizing it, the human brain really prefers things that are simple and easy to understand, not news to think about.

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